We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!
A Century of Great Aviation Entertainment

HANGAR 49 IS CELEBRATING A CENTURY OF BROADCASTING!!!  Huh?  What?  Oh.  That's the big deal?  Really?  Sounds kind of cheesy to me but OK...I'll start over.  HANGAR 49 IS CELEBRATING 100 "EPISODES OF BROADCASTING!!!  Sheesh, you guys will do anything to get some cheap PR for your show.

Movie/TV:  Target for Today (Full Movie Link) (Wikipedia site)

Book:  Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet Age by Steve Taylor

Comedy Break/Sound: George Carlin-On Airplanes and Flying

Website/App: Solar Impulse

Song:  Jimmy Buffet-No Plane on Sunday

Destination: Catalina Island

Interview: Catalina Pirep/Jeff Lustick

Plane Crazy Down Under Podcast

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