We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

As we sat down in the Hangar 49 studios to record this show on December 8, 2020 word that general Chuck Yeager had passed away had just been announced.  We re-vamped our show to feature his book and an interview.  We also reached back about 100 shows and dusted off our review of the film, “The Right Stuff.” And, as the General would say, “Ya, got any Beeman’s, “ his favorite chewing gum.

(Oh, apologies in advance: Al had some issues with his microphone so there might be a few audio glitch’s.  As Chuck Yeager would say, “Al…ya gotta know your systems!”)

Movie:  The Right Stuff

Interview:  Chuck Yeager on Breaking the sound barrier.

Book:  Yeager-An Autobiography

Website:  Feedspot Pilot Blogs

Song:  Ken Dravis/Ain’t It Funny

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Places to fly with nearby snow skiing.

Sound: Brent Pella: Why you shouldn’t fly on Spirit Airlines

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With all the fakery on the internet, robocalls to your telephone, and screaming pundits on your TV, it’s nice to find a place where real, honest, and truthful aviation information and humor abounds.  OK, maybe everything on this show is not totally true, we might make up a factoid or two, make an error, or even (gasp) screw up big-time.  But one thing is for sure…”We Are Not Bots!”

Movie:  Sky Fighters

Interview:  World War 2 German pilots

Book:  The Road to Station X

Website: Air Facts Journal

Song: Airplane/Plain White T’s

Destination/Places to Fly To: Nellis Air Force Base/Thunderbird Museum, Las Vegas

Sound/Comedy: Kim Waldauer-Worst Passenger on the plane

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We are a couple of busy guys.  Between Tony's work as an award-winning photographer and Al's career as a voiceover artist, we barely have time for lunch, much less flying around and doing podcasts, but here we are again.  If you listen to our podcast, but don't have time to catch this whole show, do yourself a favor (favour?) and listen to our special guest, Frank Abagnale. His talk comes at about 40 minutes into this episode. Happy flying!

Movie: Catch me If You Can

Interview:  Frank Abagnale-Catch Me If You Can

Book:  The flight-Charles Lindberg’s Daring and Immortal Transatlantic Crossing by Dan Hampton

Website: Simple flying

Song: Flying Crow Blues/Washboard Sam

Destination/Places to Fly To: Gisborne Airport, New Zealand

Sound: KPHL ATIS-Tropical Storm Isaias

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We don’t make you pay to listen to our show. (We have heard rumors that some of you think we should pay you to listen, but let’s not get off topic.) So, in this show, we give you free stuff and free money, (sort of).  You’ll have to listen to get the details.  Oh. Yes, this is our July show. Yes, we know it’s already August. Good, cheap, free help is hard to find.

Movie:  Command Decision (1948)

Book:  1001 Aviation Facts by Mike Machat

Interview: Randy Lervold-Glasair

Website:  FAA-Aviation Handbooks and Manuals

Song:  Mark Elliot/Stars In Their Eyes

Destination:  Rohn Roadhouse & Video

Sound/Comedy:  Ron White

Lightspeed Mountain Flying EBook

Women In Aviation Scholarships

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With all the excitement over the Covid 19 virus, economic issues, and travel bans, we haven’t been taking airplanes up anywhere. In reality, we’ve just been taking up excess internet bandwidth with this show.  There’s no better way to spend time relaxing at home than listening to this latest episode of Hangar 49.

Movie:  Dive Bomber (1941)

Book:  CFI.  The Book by Alex Stone

Interview:   Den Reed-Wild Sky Aircraft

Website:  Airport Webcams dot Net

Song:  Queensryche/Some People Fly

Destination: Hangar Hotel

Sound/comedy: SNL Airline Pilots

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Our May  episode kicks off with one of our favorite holidays, has a great movie, book, and song, then winds up with a hilarious comedy clip.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy some quarantine with us.

Movie:  The War Lover

Book:  Skyfaring Journey by Mark Vanhoenacker

Interview:   Kyle Fowler/Go EZ Aerobatics

Website:  Trade a Plane

Song:  Flight School/Miguel Campbell

Destination:   Walla Walla

Sound/Comedy:   Saturday Night Live/Tom Hanks & Alec Baldwin

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We live in crazy times.  We never heard of "social distancing" until now.  Luckily, aviation is a great way to put some distance between us.  And, since Hangar 49 has studios in the USA and Canada, we do social distancing all the time.  So, go hide in another room and listen to our latest show.

Movie:  Air Strike

Book:  A Higher Call - Adam Makos

Interview:   Mike Strasser-Chicken Wings

Website: Aviation Work Jokes

Song:  Flying On My Own - Celine Dion

Destination:   Barra Airport

Sound/Comedy:   Dean Martin, Foster Brooks, & Ken Lane /The Airline Pilot


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It’s our diamond jubilee!  Ten years in the making!  With over 120 shows!  Hundreds of star-studded interviews, aviation movies, flying songs and books!  Yes…it’s the 10th anniversary celebration episode of Hangar 49!  Plus, a surprise 10th anniversary guest host and flashbacks.

Movie:  Top Gun-Maverick (2020)

Book:  Flying Alone by Beth Ruggerio York

Interview:  Will Allen

Website: Pilot Mall  

Song:  You Can Always Go Around/Ken Dravis

Destination:   Pearson Field Air Museum

Sound/Comedy:   Louis CK-Babies on My Plane

Our email:  h49flying@gmail.com

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