We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!
Tony Is Surrounded By Yanks

OK.  Tony grew up in England.  Now he lives in Canada.  But he hangs around with Jim and Al.  We've got him surrounded.  In this episode we fire up the way-back machine to the 1940's with a newsreel, movie, song, and patriotic movie theater ad to get young men to join up.  Close your eyes and let us take you back to the battle won by the greatest generation.

Newsreel:  VE Day and VJ Day-Universal Newsreel

Movie:  A Yank In The RAF

Book:  Yanks in the RAF: The Story of Maverick Pilots and American Volunteers Who Joined Britain's Fight in WWII by David Alan Johnson

Song:  Army Air Corps song

Sound:  United States Army Air Corps Recruiting - World War Two Patriotic Educational Film

Interview:  Jay Best - Commemorative Air Force (Recorded at Oshkosh 2015)

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