We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

It’s our annual holiday episode, so gather ‘round the tree and take a listen.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate.

Movie:  Devotion (2022)

Book: Wing Leader by Johnnie Johnson

Interview:  Marci Veronie/Avemco

Website: The Last Boeing 747-News Story and Boeing’s 747 Stats

Song:  The Kinks/Supersonic Rocket Ship

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Bradbury Science Museum-Los Alamos, New Mexico

Comedy/Sound:  Benny Hill/Scuttle Airlines

Special Holiday Bonus Song: Royal Guardsmen/Snoopy's Christmas


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Better late than never, right? We didn’t hit the numbers, but at least we were able to turn off the runway before the end of November.  So, you get to decide, was this show worth waiting for, or is it just another bomb? Let us know at: h49flying@gmail.com or tell everybody by commenting on our Facebook posts.


Movie:  Fighter Squadron (1948)

Book: Wager with the Wind/The Don Sheldon Story by James Greiner

Interview:  Dave Hubner-SiriousXM Aviation Services

Website: ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)

Song: The Byrds/Eight Miles High

Destination/Places to Fly To:  The Aviator Casino/Delano, CA

Comedy/Sound:  MadTV/Flight Attendents with Susan Sarandon


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