We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

Aviation Podcasting is a competitive business! So, the entire staff and management of Hangar 49 is pleased to announce that we are listed as number 13 in the Top 45 Aviation Podcasts list.  Wow, after over 10 years of grueling efforts, we are finally recognized.  Oh, we won’t let it go to our heads.  Our November show proves it.  Please listen to our usual lineup of breaking news, classic films, great music, tantalizing books, outrageous comedy, all punctuated by our amazing commentary.

Movie:  Fail Safe (1964)

Interview:  Carinex Gautreau/Helidosa

Book:  Tiger in the Sea by Eric Linder

Website:  Eat at the Airport-From the Airplane Geeks Podcast people

Song:  Too Late For Goodbye - Julian Lennon

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Atlantic Air Adventures

Comedy/Sound:  British Airways Safety Video Audition

Direct download: H49Ep143.mp3
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In this episode, Tony and Al give you all the inside tips on how to enjoy Las Vegas.  Al recently returned from the National Business Aviation show in Sin City with interviews and tips on staying in Vegas on a budget and getting started on your first million.  Oh….we talk about some aviation stuff as well.

Movie:  Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

Interview:  John Thivierge/Aircraft Performance Group (Seattle Avionics)

Book:  Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Website: Aero News Net

Song:  Ozzy!  Flying High Again

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Queensland Aviation Museum

Comedy/Sound:  Billy Connolly - Flight to Australia

Direct download: H49Ep141.mp3
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We know that you can hardly wait until our next show.  Us too.  Well, here it is.  Mission Control is please to announce...It’s finally ZERO HOUR at Hangar 49!

Movie:  Zero Hour (1957)

Interview:  Juliet Siddons-Challenge Air

Book:  Go Flight-The Unsung Heros of Mission Control by Rick Houston

Website:  Real-Time Space Tracking—N2YO.com

Song: Daddy, Teach Me to Fly/Ken Dravis

Destination/Places to Fly To:  USS Midway Museum/San Diego

Comedy/Sound: Flight Attendants/Saturday Night Live

Direct download: H49Ep140.mp3
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We’ve seen the stories about nutty airline passengers going berserk when asked by the flight attendants to please put on their masks during the flight.  So, here’s the deal…please support your flight attendants and flight deck crews.

Movie:  The Flight Attendant 

Book:  I am a Flight Attendant by Jessica De Serre Boissonneauilt

Interview:  Scariest Tomcat Flight/Cmdr Matt Plaiser USN (Ret.)

Website: AirBus Zero Emission Electric Flight

Song:  Moody Blues/Fly Me High

Destination/Places to Fly To:   Tofino/Long Beach, BC

Comedy/Sound:  Funny Flying Story -Cale Yarborough 

Direct download: H49Ep139.mp3
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We are on fire!  No…not the plane or the studio (yet) but it seems like the entire western USA and Canada are covered in wildfires and high heat.  Tony and Al are also blanketed in wildfire smoke.  We huddled inside the studio to get a break and record this show.  It’s our July show and we’re a bit late in the month.  Luckily we still have time to release this on July 32nd.

Movie:  Boeing, Boeing

Interview:  Nancy Bradshaw

Book:  Flying on Instinct-Canada’s Bush Pilot Pioneers

Websites:  Wildfire Location information in the United States and Canada

Song:  Jason Aldean/Fly Over States

Destination/Places to Fly To:   Pima Air & Space Museum

Comedy/Sound:  Jimmy Stewart-Flying from Celery Field (now know as LAX)

Direct download: H49Ep38.mp3
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There’s been a heat wave in the US and Canada where we produce Hangar 49.  It’s kinda like flying too close to the sun.  Hopefully, the wax in our wings won’t melt.  We have news, a movie, classic, song, and some comedy.  Flip on some air conditioning or a simple fan and listen to this cool show.


 Movie:  Soul Plane

Interview:  Colonel Douglas Moore

Book:  Flying Too Close to the Sun by George Jehn

Song:  Boeing Boeing 707/Roger Miller  

Destination/Places to Fly to:  Wright Museum

Comedy/Sound:  George Carlin on Airport Announcements (Some obscene language)  

Direct download: H49Ep137.mp3
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We know these shows are great...but can be a bit long! If you listen to us during your flight, please make sure to keep an eye on the fuel gauges.  We cannot be responsible for pilots who run out of gas (or Jet A) while listening.

Movie: The Sound Barrier

Interview:  Richard Branson

Book:  Kittyhawk Down by Jonathan Nicholas

Website: Windy.com

Song: Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke& Lil Jon/Turbulence

Destination/Places to Fly To: North Atlantic Aviation Museum

Comedy/Sound:  Michael McIntyre

Direct download: H49Ep136.mp3
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We know that sometimes it’s hard to stay awake during those long flights.  Hey, sometimes it’s hard to stay awake during a long episode of Hangar 49…especially for al and Tony.  So, here’s a reminder:  “No Sleeping During This Show!”  You might miss something good.

Movie – Up In The Air

Interview - Christian Bailey

Book – l’ll take the 18 by Scott Glute 

Website -Airport Spotting

Song - Zayn - Flight of the Stars

Destination – TWA Hotel at JFK

Comedy - Dave Allen

Extra Stuff- Robb Report


Direct download: H49Ep135.mp3
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Whew! We got our March show uploaded without a minute to spare. Someday, we'll be able to get these shows done quicker by speeding up our commute with an electric air taxi.  We just need to find a charging station.  Learn how in our featured interview.  Plus, news, music, movies, and comedy in this jam-packed show.  As always, we have a few technical issues.  This time it's a bad auto-level on Al's voice.  It's OK.  He never has much to say anyway.....

Interview:  Joshua Portman/Electric Aeroplanes will be here sooner than you think-TEDx Perth

Book:  Flying Angels by Danielle Steel  

Website: Opensky network-ADS/B tracking

Song:  Eric Bogle/Flying Away

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Kelowna Aerospace Museum

Comedy/Sound: Barely Air


Direct download: H49Ep134.mp3
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We are pleased to announce that all the latest polls show that Hangar 49 is the number one aviation podcast on Mars.  All the cool NASA robots love this show.  Be like NASA robots.

Movie:  Fly Away Home

Interview:  Jimmy Stewart-Army Air Corps pilot

Book:  Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar

Bonus Movie:  The Wind Rises

Website: The Flyer

Song: Turbulence by Bowling for Soup

Destination/Places to Fly To: de Havilland Aircraft Museum, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Comedy/Sound: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant


Direct download: H49Ep133.mp3
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Since this show was founded by ex-disc jockeys, we love our listeners.  And since one of our hosts was once a struggling musician, we know that getting a free plug on the radio for your song (or movie) can make a big difference.  So, we take requests.  This month, our song suggestion came from John F. and our movie idea came from Marty D.  Notice that we didn’t use their last names.  There may be a reason for that.  You’ll just have to listen to the show.

Movie:  Horizon Line

Interview:  Country star and pilot Dierks Bentley at NBAA 2020

Book:  A Chick In The Cockpit by Erika Armstrong

Bonus Book:  By the Seat of My Pants by Chris John Rosslee

Website:  General Aviation News

Song:  Arthur Godfrey/Teterboro Tower

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Death Valley Airports

Sound:  David Gunson/Air Traffic Controller (from 2011)

Direct download: H49Ep132.mp3
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As we sat down in the Hangar 49 studios to record this show on December 8, 2020 word that general Chuck Yeager had passed away had just been announced.  We re-vamped our show to feature his book and an interview.  We also reached back about 100 shows and dusted off our review of the film, “The Right Stuff.” And, as the General would say, “Ya, got any Beeman’s, “ his favorite chewing gum.

(Oh, apologies in advance: Al had some issues with his microphone so there might be a few audio glitch’s.  As Chuck Yeager would say, “Al…ya gotta know your systems!”)

Movie:  The Right Stuff

Interview:  Chuck Yeager on Breaking the sound barrier.

Book:  Yeager-An Autobiography

Website:  Feedspot Pilot Blogs

Song:  Ken Dravis/Ain’t It Funny

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Places to fly with nearby snow skiing.

Sound: Brent Pella: Why you shouldn’t fly on Spirit Airlines

Direct download: H49Ep131.mp3
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With all the fakery on the internet, robocalls to your telephone, and screaming pundits on your TV, it’s nice to find a place where real, honest, and truthful aviation information and humor abounds.  OK, maybe everything on this show is not totally true, we might make up a factoid or two, make an error, or even (gasp) screw up big-time.  But one thing is for sure…”We Are Not Bots!”

Movie:  Sky Fighters

Interview:  World War 2 German pilots

Book:  The Road to Station X

Website: Air Facts Journal

Song: Airplane/Plain White T’s

Destination/Places to Fly To: Nellis Air Force Base/Thunderbird Museum, Las Vegas

Sound/Comedy: Kim Waldauer-Worst Passenger on the plane

Direct download: H49Ep130.mp3
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We are a couple of busy guys.  Between Tony's work as an award-winning photographer and Al's career as a voiceover artist, we barely have time for lunch, much less flying around and doing podcasts, but here we are again.  If you listen to our podcast, but don't have time to catch this whole show, do yourself a favor (favour?) and listen to our special guest, Frank Abagnale. His talk comes at about 40 minutes into this episode. Happy flying!

Movie: Catch me If You Can

Interview:  Frank Abagnale-Catch Me If You Can

Book:  The flight-Charles Lindberg’s Daring and Immortal Transatlantic Crossing by Dan Hampton

Website: Simple flying

Song: Flying Crow Blues/Washboard Sam

Destination/Places to Fly To: Gisborne Airport, New Zealand

Sound: KPHL ATIS-Tropical Storm Isaias

Direct download: H49Ep129.mp3
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We don’t make you pay to listen to our show. (We have heard rumors that some of you think we should pay you to listen, but let’s not get off topic.) So, in this show, we give you free stuff and free money, (sort of).  You’ll have to listen to get the details.  Oh. Yes, this is our July show. Yes, we know it’s already August. Good, cheap, free help is hard to find.

Movie:  Command Decision (1948)

Book:  1001 Aviation Facts by Mike Machat

Interview: Randy Lervold-Glasair

Website:  FAA-Aviation Handbooks and Manuals

Song:  Mark Elliot/Stars In Their Eyes

Destination:  Rohn Roadhouse & Video

Sound/Comedy:  Ron White

Lightspeed Mountain Flying EBook

Women In Aviation Scholarships

Direct download: H49Ep128.mp3
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With all the excitement over the Covid 19 virus, economic issues, and travel bans, we haven’t been taking airplanes up anywhere. In reality, we’ve just been taking up excess internet bandwidth with this show.  There’s no better way to spend time relaxing at home than listening to this latest episode of Hangar 49.

Movie:  Dive Bomber (1941)

Book:  CFI.  The Book by Alex Stone

Interview:   Den Reed-Wild Sky Aircraft

Website:  Airport Webcams dot Net

Song:  Queensryche/Some People Fly

Destination: Hangar Hotel

Sound/comedy: SNL Airline Pilots

Direct download: H49Ep127.mp3
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Our May  episode kicks off with one of our favorite holidays, has a great movie, book, and song, then winds up with a hilarious comedy clip.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy some quarantine with us.

Movie:  The War Lover

Book:  Skyfaring Journey by Mark Vanhoenacker

Interview:   Kyle Fowler/Go EZ Aerobatics

Website:  Trade a Plane

Song:  Flight School/Miguel Campbell

Destination:   Walla Walla

Sound/Comedy:   Saturday Night Live/Tom Hanks & Alec Baldwin

Direct download: H49Ep126.mp3
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We live in crazy times.  We never heard of "social distancing" until now.  Luckily, aviation is a great way to put some distance between us.  And, since Hangar 49 has studios in the USA and Canada, we do social distancing all the time.  So, go hide in another room and listen to our latest show.

Movie:  Air Strike

Book:  A Higher Call - Adam Makos

Interview:   Mike Strasser-Chicken Wings

Website: Aviation Work Jokes

Song:  Flying On My Own - Celine Dion

Destination:   Barra Airport

Sound/Comedy:   Dean Martin, Foster Brooks, & Ken Lane /The Airline Pilot


Direct download: H49Ep125.mp3
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It’s our diamond jubilee!  Ten years in the making!  With over 120 shows!  Hundreds of star-studded interviews, aviation movies, flying songs and books!  Yes…it’s the 10th anniversary celebration episode of Hangar 49!  Plus, a surprise 10th anniversary guest host and flashbacks.

Movie:  Top Gun-Maverick (2020)

Book:  Flying Alone by Beth Ruggerio York

Interview:  Will Allen

Website: Pilot Mall  

Song:  You Can Always Go Around/Ken Dravis

Destination:   Pearson Field Air Museum

Sound/Comedy:   Louis CK-Babies on My Plane

Our email:  h49flying@gmail.com

Direct download: H49Ep124.mp3
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We may not take cheques (probably because we don’t sell anything) but we remember the glory days of freight dogs hauling cancelled checks from everywhere back to the banks.  Plus, we have music, movies, and funny stuff…plus the latest news and another interview by our foreign correspondent, Grant McHerron. It's all in this brand new episode.

Movie: Midway (2019 version)

Book: Hauling Checks by Alex Stone

Interview: Grant McHerron at Oshkosh with Gary Velasco

Website:  Live ATC dot Net

Song: Fly On/Coldplay

Destination: Historic Flight Foundation/Spokane

Sound/Comedy: Best and Funniest Air Traffic Control Conversations

Direct download: H49Ep123.mp3
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In this episode, Hangar 49 spans the globe in a quest to discover how many different English language accents we could cram into one show. Four isn’t too bad.  We go to Las Vegas, Oshkosh, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico to bring you the latest in aviation entertainment.  And, if you're hungry, we found a really nice restaurant in Salzburg, Austria you might enjoy.  Oh, and say hello to our foreign correspondent, Grant McHerron, who traveled from down under on special assignment for Hangar 49.  So, sit down and tune in. 

Movie: The War Lover (1962)
Book:  Lancaster Squadrons by Jon Lake
Interview: Grant McHerron interviews Bevan Dewes
Website:  Lafayette Escadrille Documentary
Song: Moody Blues/We Can Fly
Destination: Hangar 7/Salzburg
Sound/Comedy: Airline Security/Tim Conway & Harvey Kormann on Carol Burnett Show

Direct download: H49Ep122.mp3
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It’s another road show! Tony and Al were still on the road when they recorded this show.  For the very first time, they operated from inside the mobile studio somewhere in the Pacific Northwest USA.  We were having so much fun, we forgot to talk about our book!  Guest host Philip Randolph joins in to interview our special guest.

Movie: Captains of the Clouds (1942)

Book:  Oops…we forgot!

Interview: Jody Rueger

Destination and Website: Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum

Song: Westlife/Flying Without Wings


  1. Airplane Difficulties/Carlos Oscar
  2. World’s Funniest Flight Attendant
Direct download: H49Ep121-Master.mp3
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Yep. When we take this show on the road, sometimes we get in harm’s way. First Tony had motorhome engine problems. Then, Al had motorhome engine problems. We’re lucky we weren’t trying to fly an airplane on the road. (That would be a whole different issue.) Again, we are on the road and this show was recorded on the flight line at the Arlington Balloon and Aircraft Festival in mid-August.

Movie: In Harm’s Way (1965)

Book: Graphic War-The Secret Aviation Drawings & Illustrations of World War 2 by Donald Nijboer


John Sessions & Gene Vezzetti, Historic Flight Foundation

James Cooper, Evergreen Soaring

Matt Quinn, Great Lakes Drone Company

Song: Gordon Lightfoot/Early Morning Rain

Destination: Historic Flight Foundation

Sound/Comedy: Russ Nagel on Flying

Direct download: H49Ep120.mp3
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Hey! We've got some mighty wings! It takes some big wings to get this show set up and recorded in a remote location. (Oh, OK...we admit that we "flew" down the freeway in the mobile studio.) Yep, once again we've taken Hangar 49 on location at the Arlington Balloon and Airplane Festival. Tony and Al, plus special guests Phillip Randolph and Emmy-Winning producer Erik Utter babble their way through another thrilling episode...complete with authentic airplane noise in the background!

Movie: The Wings of Eagles (1957)

Book: Aircraft-The Definitive History by DK

John and Heather Norman/Spirit of St. Louis replica


Thomas Williams and Richard Gentry/EAA Chapter 84

Song: Cheap Trick/Mighty Wings

Destination: Boeing Factory tour

Checking in at the airport/Sebastian Maniscalo


The Acronym Song

Direct download: H49Ep119.mp3
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We are always reaching for the sky here at Hangar 49.  it doesn't matter if it's a Cessna, a Boeing, or a drone, (or on a cruise ship looking up.  Take a listen as Tony and Al babble about all this stuff.

Movie: Reach for the Sky (1956)

Book:  Stuka Pilot By Hans Ulrich Rudel  

Interview:  WW2 B-17 Pilot John Mscik

Website:   FighterSweep

Song: Grass Roots/Fly Me to Havana

Destination: Smiley Creek, Idaho 

Sound/Comedy: Ajax Airlines/Hudson & Landry


If you have any comments, compliments, or complanits, drop us a note at h49flying@gmail.com

Direct download: H49Ep118.mp3
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For over 9 years, Hangar 49 has been the go-to source for aviation news, insight, and entertainment. And…we are the first to admit…if we don’t know the facts, we’ll make some up. Apparently, we were years ahead of things. As Tony always says, “you heard it first here.”. So…sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight…er….show.

Movie: Flight 93

Book: Straight On Till Morning: The Life Of Beryl Markham by Mary S. Lovell

Interview: Andrew Shepherd-Aviation’s Next Great Adventure.

Website/App: FltPlan

Song: Dierks Bentley/Drunk On A Plane

Destination: Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum-Kalamazoo, Michigan

Comedy: Jack Whitehall

Direct download: H49Ep117.mp3
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Wow! Has it really been 9 years? This little aviation podcast is growing up fast. From our humble beginnings in February, 2010 we have matured into one of the most respected and listened to aviation podcasts on the planet with listeners from around the world. But, after nearly 120 shows, we remain humble. In fact, we forgot to mention this landmark anniversary until nearly the end of the show. Frankly, we had so many topics to cover, movies and songs to review, plus a book and comedy clip, we were barely able to squeeze it in. So....as always, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight...er ..our show.
Movie:  Left Behind

Book:  Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine Saint Exupery

Interview:  Autonomous Flying Taxis Could Change the Way You Travel/with Rodin Lyasoff

Website: Sleeping In Airports
Song: Second Row/Chris and Dave Hadfield
Destination: An evening with Dave Hadfield in Kelowna, BC on march 21, 2019
Sound/Comedy: Yorkshire Airlines with Hale and Pace

Direct download: H49Ep116.mp3
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Crap! We have a bunch of technical issues! Memo to us: Don't say bad things about Microsoft...they must listen to our show.

But hey...we fly little airplanes with technology from the 1940's...we got this. So, sit down and hang on. We're gonna have a show!

Movie: Fortress

Book: The Blue Angels: A Fly-By History: Sixty Years of Aerial Excellence

Interview: Dave Baile, Survival Pucks

Website: Open Airplane

Song: Steve Miller/Jet Airliner

Destination: Stonehenge Airplane Museum

Comedy/sound: Scottish air traffic controllers

Direct download: H49Ep115.mp3
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We pride our selves on being a “cutting edge” podcast. On this show we teeter on the edge of getting slammed into the Internet jail. Wanna know what we did? Just take a listen. (Oh…before we get arrested…we celebrate 115 years of powered flight in this-our 114th show.)

The Wright Brothers

The Wrong Brothers

Movie: Flight Command (1940)

Book: Fly Girls by Keith O’Brien

Book: Fly Girls by P. O’Connell Pearson

Song: Iron Maiden-Flight of Icarus

Destination: Tillamook Air Museum

Interview: A Day in the Life of a Regional Airline Pilot

Comedy: George Carlin-On Airlines and Flying (Warning: Strong Language)

Direct download: H49Ep114.mp3
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Every once in a while we get a little "spaced out" and forget what we're supposed to do. This time we almost spaced out our movie...about space. Come along as we explore the vast amount of space between our ears and babble about flying, flying books, flying music, flying people and, of course, flying movies.

Movie - First Man

Book - In Full Flight by John Hemingway

Song - Coming into Los Angeles - Arlo Guthrie

Interview - Katie Higgins - Fat Albert Pilot

Comedy - If Cops Talked Like Pilots

Destination - Arlington Balloon and Airplane Festival

Direct download: H49Ep113.mp3
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Yep, when we get into a bind at the Hangar 49 studios, we start to babble, and the show starts to crash, we just reach for the handle and pull the chute.  Easy, right?  Maybe.  In this show we talk about a flight where they, "pulled the chute," right in our own backyard.  Plus, another incident that "impacted" one of Al's favorite rental Cessnas.  Climb aboard...it's fate...and we have that movie, too.  Plus, we check our speed at nearly 2,000 nautical miles per hour.

Movie: Fate is the Hunter

Sound/Comedy: Major Brian Shul, USAF (Ret.) SR71 Blackbird Speed check

Book: Sled Driver by Brian Shul
Song: David Usher-Airplane


Direct download: H49Ep112.mp3
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Every time we do these shows, it seems like we always come in on a wing and a prayer. Like: We always “wing” it, and our audience has a “prayer” about when will the show finally be over. This show is no exception. Again, we recorded this show live at the Arlington Fly-In during July 2018 with interviews, noisy airplanes, music, books, movies, and unplanned interruptions. Join Tony, and Al with special guest interviewer Phillip Randolph and ace engineer, Erik Utter for a fun-filled hour of entertainment.

Song: Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer/Vera Lynn

Movie: Reach For The Sky

Comedy: When Thrift Flying is Not Recommended, Andrew Rivers

Book: 35 Miles From Shore by Emilio Corsetti

Destination: Abbotsford Air Show

Direct download: H49Ep110.mp3
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 OK...sure...it's been awhile since our last show, (about 6 months), but we know our fans are still with us.  You are still here, aren't you?  Hello....is anyone out there?  Hello.....hello....

Well, anyway, we are back with our traditional live broadcast from the flight line at the Arlington Fly-In.  Just a tiny bit north of Seattle in Washington State, USA.

Sit back, relax and listen to Tony and Al, plus Phillip and Erik as they babble through an entertaining hour of aviation news, interviews, and valuable information.

And, of course, the usual stuff:

Song: Nazz/When I Get My Plane

Movie: The Pilot

Comedy: Checking In at the Airport - Sebastian Maniscalco

Book:  81 Lessons From The Sky by Fletcher McKenzie

Direct download: H49-Ep109.mp3
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Of course, everything on the internet is true.  That means everything we say on this show is true.  We can prove it.  Just listen to this show.  We even have a "To Tell the Truth" segment on this show.

Song - John Fogerty - Flying Away.

Book - Flight of Passage – By Rinker Buck

Sound: To Tell the Truth-Kern Buck (Rinker Bucks brother)
Part One
Part Two

Website (and Museum Destinations): Warbird Alley

Movie - American Made


Direct download: H49Ep109.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:40pm PST

Well, it's a new day. Jim has abandoned Tony and Al in cyberspace, leaving those two renegades to navigate through the skies without him. It's kind of like traveling through time to a different world...AJ: After Jim. So, we have a movie about that and a great song about how Tony and I will spread our wings and learn to fly without Jimmy. We tend to wander and without any clear direction from our founder, so Tony and Al talk about vacations, cruising, the usual destinations, and we are able to work in some aviation news, plus a variety of stuff nobody cares about. Thanks for listening.

Destination: Commemorative Air Force/Airbase Arizona

Song: Christian Andreason - Born to fly

Movie: Millenium (1989)

Comedy: Dave Allen on airplanes

Book: The Race by Clive Cussler

Direct download: H49Ep108-B.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:58pm PST

So, in 2010 Jimmy had a dream: Create the world's best aviation podcast.  He brought on a couple of airplane pilot buddies, another ex-disc jockey and an ex British rock and roller.  The rest is history. 

Over 100 shows later, Jim is turning off his microphone. Why? We don't know.  Old age, mental disorder, confusion, lack of pay, no respect? It could be any of these.  Well, we opened up the studio and recorded this show in front of a live audience. And, with the production staff currently incarcerated in a third-world country, we produced it ourselves.

We have a song, movie, news, and comedy, plus that great pilot banter you know and love.

Movie: Bombers B-52

Song: Bread/Fly Away

Book: B-52 Stratofortress by Bill Yenne

Comedy: Jerry Seinfeld on Airplane Travel

Oh, Tony and Al are looking for the next great co-host. Send your tapes and resumes to: hangar49@comcast.net (hopefully, Jimmy will forward those to Tony and Al.  Jim is kind of protective of that account.

Direct download: H49Ep107.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:50pm PST

The Internet Police might censor this show!

We pride ourselves to ensure that every episode of Hangar 49 is filled with cutting edge aviation information and entertainment. You be the judge. You better listen soon, before the internet police remove this show.  Watch for our bail/bond crowdfunding campaign.  Coming soon.

Movie: October Sky

Book: Sputnik: The Shock of the Century by Paul Dickson

Sound: Frustrated Pilot talking to SoCal Approach

Website/App: Cloud Topper Pilot Sight Level for iPhone/iPad

Song:Long John Baldry & Elton John (Reggie White)-Flying

Interview/Discussion: AOPA Safety Institute/Flight Following

Comedy: Why can't you use phones on planes

Direct download: H49Ep106.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:30pm PST

Godspeed, John Glenn

In this episode we honor one of America's first seven astronauts, John Glenn, who passed away in early December.  It's just Jim and Al on this show, Tony had a much better offer.  So, strap yourself in and let's light this candle!

Movie/TV: The Right Stuff (Encore)

Book: Project Mercury: NASA's First Manned Space Programme by John Catchpole

Sounds: 1962 John Glenn in Friendship 7

Website/App:  Project Mercury - America's First Astronauts | NASA

Song: Space Truckin'-Deep Purple

Destination: National Air and Space Museum (Re-Visit)

Interview: John Glenn

Direct download: H49Ep105.mp3
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Any Pizza is a Personal Pizza

Yes, we've been away for awhile, for our usual summer/fall vacation.  Jim was hungry, so we ordered pizza.  He ate it all...hence the name of this show.  We had some serious technical issues in the studio.  Hopefully, you won't notice.  Of course, there's the normal banter, drivel, nonsense, bad words, and confusion.  The stuff we're famous for.If you like the show, tell your friends.  If you hate it...oh..never mind.

Movie/TV:  633 Squadron (1964)

Book:  Sully (Highest Duty): My Search For What Really Matters by Chesley Sullenberger

Comedy Break/Sound: Louis CK-How to Land a Plane

Website/App: CSRC DUATS

Song: Joni Mitchell-This Flight Tonight

Destination: Seattle Museum of Flight-Deja Vu

Interview: Bob Hoover-Legend of Aviation

Direct download: H49Episode104.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:07pm PST

This Isn't Our First Rodeo

Woo, hoo!  It's our third show recorded at the Arlington, Washington, USA Fly-In.  Al and Jim are gazing at airplanes as they taxi past the outdoor studio.  Where's Tony?  Apparently, he went to a rodeo (his other passion is photographing wild animals being piloted by cowboy pilots).  Hey, this isn't our first Rodeo...or Tony's.  So...sit back and relax as the zany team of Al, Jim, guest host Phillip Randolph, producer Erik Utter, and gopher Casey Stewart clutter up the internet with 60 minutes of aviation entertainment.

Movie/TV: Captains of the Clouds

Book:  The Aviator by Ernest K. Gann

Song:  Lionel Hampton-Flying Home and the
University of Idaho Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival


Linda Allen/Will Allen Airshows

Dave Whitelaw
Recreational Aviation Foundation

Jason Richert
Kenmore Aero Services

Direct download: h49-2016-07-09.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:35pm PST

We are two plus one on the flight line at the Arlington, Washington, USA Fly-In.  Yes, once again, Tony was turned away at the US Border.  It's like someone built a wall to keep that rascal out.  That's OK, we snuck him into the show via Skype.  Of course, had the production staff known that Tony and Jim would gang up on Al and criticize his musical tastes, both of those guys would have been arrested.  Pay no attention to those guys, we all know that Al has impeccable musical taste.  Thanks for listening....again.  Tell your friends.

Movie/TV: The Big Lift

Book:  Skunk Works by Ben Rich

Song:  Rolling Stones-Who's Driving Your Plane?


Dean Baxter - Aircraft Judge

John Smutny - Air Boss One

DeWayne Spencer & Micayla Stephens - Spencer Aircraft

Direct download: h49-2016-07-08.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:35pm PST

Ground Control?  We're Out of Control!

We are on the ground, but we're out of control!  Yes, the three flying bandidos are back again on the flight line at the Arlington, Washington, USA Fly-In.  Once again, government officials have prevented Tony from entering the United State of America to join us live, so we connected with him through the miracle of Skype.  Had we only known that keeping him away from our single-malt stash was this easy, we would have done this years ago.

Movie: Ground Control

Song:  Amy Grant/I'm Gonna Fly

Interview: Drew Jenkins-Vintage Aircraft Museum

Interview:  Betty Scott-Arlington Fly In Co-Founder

Direct download: h49-2016-07-07.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:20pm PST

A Century of Great Aviation Entertainment

HANGAR 49 IS CELEBRATING A CENTURY OF BROADCASTING!!!  Huh?  What?  Oh.  That's the big deal?  Really?  Sounds kind of cheesy to me but OK...I'll start over.  HANGAR 49 IS CELEBRATING 100 "EPISODES OF BROADCASTING!!!  Sheesh, you guys will do anything to get some cheap PR for your show.

Movie/TV:  Target for Today (Full Movie Link) (Wikipedia site)

Book:  Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet Age by Steve Taylor

Comedy Break/Sound: George Carlin-On Airplanes and Flying

Website/App: Solar Impulse

Song:  Jimmy Buffet-No Plane on Sunday

Destination: Catalina Island

Interview: Catalina Pirep/Jeff Lustick

Plane Crazy Down Under Podcast

Direct download: H49Ep100.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:37am PST

99 epidodes of Hangar 49 on the wall....

What?  We've done 99 shows?  Really?  That's not just Tony's age?  Yep.  We are about ready to hit the century mark, but not quite.  Although, based on the songs, movies, and TV shows we pick, it may seem like we're alreay over the hill.  Nope.  We just like old stuff. So sit back, relax and "welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends!"

Movie/TV (Double Feature): Thunderbirds are Go (TV show-1966 TV show & movie and 2015 TV show)

Book: The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany 1944-1945 Kindle Edition
by Stephen E. Ambrose

Song:  The Poor Co-Pilot -Oscar Brand

Destination:  Fargo Air Museum

Comedy Break/Sound:  Josh Blue-Flying

Website:  The 99's

Direct download: H49Ep99.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:48pm PST

Our Next Stop Is 1967

In this episode, we discover the airline world of the sixties via a best selling book, dip into the fifties for a classic flying TV show, fly without leaving the ground, and crawl through an airplane boneyard.  All of this, plus a glimpse into today's fun airline experience in just short of 90 minutes.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

Movie/TV:  Sky King

Book:  Coffee, Tea or Me? The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Airline Stewardesses by Trudy Baker

Interview: Brittany Machelka/Red Bird Flight Simulators

Website/App: B4UFLY

Song:  Hillary Duff - Fly

Destination:  Pima Air and Space Museum

Comedy Break/Sound:  Brian Regan on Flying

Direct download: H49Ep98.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:58pm PST

We are serious about aviation!

Seriously, folks.  We are serious about aviation, although you might have noticed that sometimes this show is not very serious.  In this episode we have a song entitled Sirius/Eye In The Sky.  Then we talk to the folks at Sirius XM.  Then we have an airline safety video that is not serious and feature a destination where you will be greeted by serious guards.  We also have a serious look at the future (OK, it was serious if you were a kid in the 1960's).  So, get serious and listen to this show!  Oh, in case you thought we forgot, it's the 6th birthday for Hangar 49!  We are seriously celebrating!

Music:  Alan Parsons Project - Sirius/Eye In The Sky

Movie/TV: The Jetsons (TV Show)

Book:  Tracon by Paul McElroy

Interview:  Dan Dickerson/Sirius XM Aviation Weather

Website/Mobile App: AeroWeather Mobile App

Sound: Virgin America Safety Video

Destination:  Area 51/Groom Lake, Nevada

Direct download: H49Ep97.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:04pm PST

It's not the first mistake we've ever made!

We've been doing this show for nearly 6 years and we strive for perfection.  But, hey, sometimes we make mistakes.  OK, sometimes Al makes mistakes.  Let's just move on.  It's a great show with a great flick, song, interview, book, sound, etc.

Movie:  China Clipper (1936)

Song:  Top Gun Anthem - Harold Faltermeyer and Tony Scott  or someone

Book:  I Could Never Be So Lucky by Jimmy Doolittle

Website:  Ann Arbor Flyers Club, Ann Arbor Michigan (75th Anniversary)

Sound:  10 funniest airline parodies

Destination: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Interview:  Andrew Broom-HondaJet

Direct download: H49Ep96.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:05pm PST

We're Having Technical Difficulties

As you know, the electronic wizardry that goes on behind the scenes at Hangar 49 is really amazing, but sometimes there's a glitch.  You might hear Jimmy's voice crackle, fade, and sound funny sometimes....and that's in real life.  On this show, his microphone doesn't work very well, but the show must go on!  Once again, we have the latest news, music, TV, comedy, and a literary break.  Oh, and it's our Christmas show!  Give it a listen.

TV Show Montage:  Wings, Chopper One, and Pan Am.

Music:  Paul Revere & the Raiders - The Great Airplane Strike

Sound:  Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant

Book:   Squawk 7700 by Peter Buffington

Website:  Airliners dot net

Bonus Christmas Music:  The Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy's Christmas

Interview: Chris d'Acosta, CEO Swift Fuels

Direct download: H49Ep95.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:30am PST

The Isolation Chamber

With all the "bugs" going around, you can imagine Jim and Al's surprise when Tony showed up at the Hangar 49 studios with a terrible cold.  Reacting quickly, Jim tossed Tony into the back room, known to the production staff as "the isolation chamber."  Tony watched the show with his nose pressed up against the bulletproof window whilst Al and Jim talked about him, and a variety of aviation-related items...you know...the usual drivel that makes up this show.

Music:  Journey - Wheel in the Sky

Sound:  George Carlin - Airport Security

Book:  Ladybirds II-The Continuing Story of American Women in Aviation

Destination: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Website: The DC-3/Dakota Historical Society, Inc.

Movie:  Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

Interview:  Tech. Sgt. Harrison Southworth and the F-22 Raptor
USAF 27th Fighter Squadron

Direct download: H49Ep94.mp3
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It's a Spooktacular show!

Yep, it's close to Halloween, so this show is spooktacular.  Halloween is Jim's favorite holiday, so anything can happen.  We spend a few minutes flying through Jim's brain to see if we can get some aerial photos of his reality.  As a result, Jim and Al have some serious flashbacks to their radio DJ days and play an aviation-themed song that has nothing to do with aviation.  Wisely, our 60's child, Tony, stays out of the way as this experiment has the makings of real trouble.  Ha, ha.  Just kidding.  As usual, Tony flies in with both wings.  Oh..yes...we have a movie, book, and comedy clip.  OK...get your costumes ready.  let's trick or treat!

Movie:  Air Force (1943)

Music:  Pilot of the Airwaves/Charlie Dore

Book:  Higher:  100 Years of Boeing by Russ Banham

Sound:  Jerry Seinfeld - TSA Screening

Interview:  Skychick (Ramona Cox) and she also reps MotoArt

Direct download: H49Ep93.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:31am PST

Tony Is Surrounded By Yanks

OK.  Tony grew up in England.  Now he lives in Canada.  But he hangs around with Jim and Al.  We've got him surrounded.  In this episode we fire up the way-back machine to the 1940's with a newsreel, movie, song, and patriotic movie theater ad to get young men to join up.  Close your eyes and let us take you back to the battle won by the greatest generation.

Newsreel:  VE Day and VJ Day-Universal Newsreel

Movie:  A Yank In The RAF

Book:  Yanks in the RAF: The Story of Maverick Pilots and American Volunteers Who Joined Britain's Fight in WWII by David Alan Johnson

Song:  Army Air Corps song

Sound:  United States Army Air Corps Recruiting - World War Two Patriotic Educational Film

Interview:  Jay Best - Commemorative Air Force (Recorded at Oshkosh 2015)

Direct download: H49Ep92.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:44pm PST

More Flight Line Fun (but Tony is missing!)

What the heck?  Now Tony is missing!  It'll be a struggle, but we will try to do this last show from the Arlington Fly-In without our neighbour from the north.  We have a great lineup with an exciting movie, a great book, and a fabulous song (one of the best we've found).

Movie:  Midway

Song: Jefferson Airplane-Planes

Book:  Skyfaring/A Journey with a Pilot by Mark Vanhoenacker

Interview:  Robert and Dianne Dempster/Seattle World Cruiser Project

Interview:  Judy Moss & Rich Aldridge/QED Bee Gee

Interview:  Kam Keshavarzi/Flying from Canada

Roll the credits....

Tony Roberts, Jim Leighty, Al Gilson/Hosts
Philip Randolph/Guest Host
ERic Utter/Executive Producer (and substitute weather guy)
Mark Peterson/Arlington PA Announcer
Casey Stewart/GoFer

Recorded live in the Dale Comer Studio-AWO Airport, Arlington, Washington USA

Direct download: h49-2015-7-11.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:04pm PST

Vee Arr Loo King For Moose and Squirrel!

Our second show from the Dale Comer Studio on the flight line at the 2015 Arlington, Washington Fly-In.  Tony joins us via Sky-pe from Kelowna and the usual gang gathers around the table.  We talk old airplanes and motorcycles in this show with a goofy movie and a great song.  An, vee are loo-king for Moose and Squirrel.  Just listen in to find out what vee are talking about.

Movie:  Hot Shots!

Music:  Suzy Boggus-Outbound Plane

Book:  Plane Insanity by Elliot Hester

Pemberton & Sons Aviation-Addison Pemberton

Aero Copters, Inc.-Amanda Rough and Kimber Wardner

Direct download: h49Ep90.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:59pm PST

What?  Jim is late again?  Sheesh!

We recorded this show live from the flight line at the Arlington, Washington Fly-In on Thursday, July 9, 2015.  And...once again, Jim is late!!  Tony was stopped at the border with no passport, and is forced to join us via Skype.  Al has to start the show by himself, but he is such a professional, everything works great! (Al also writes these show notes.  Can you tell?).  Of course, Phillip Randolph is here as our guest interviewer and Erik Utter is handling the electronic stuff.  We miss Dale Comer and his engineering wizardry and dry wit.  Sadly, he passed away last April.  We named the Arlington Flight Line Studio after him.  OK, it's just a table under a canopy, but Dale made it a welcome place ot sit and chat.  We interview Addison Pemberton who restored the Boeing 40C, Tracy Gety who has an amazing Russion motorcycle, and Kameron Blevins of North Wing Sports, makers of light sport and ultralite trikes.  Plus the usual movies, music, and literary features.  And, as always at Arlington, plenty of airplane noise in the background.

Movie:     The Great Santini

Music:    Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas-Trains and Boats and Planes

Book:    Ask the Pilot by Patrick Smith

Pemberton & Sons Aviation

North Wing Sports

Direct download: h49-2015-7-9.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:41pm PST

We are going to lose all of our listeners

Our episode title is, "We are going to lose all of our listeners."  Well, we hope not, but sometime we just talk to much.  So, if you want us to just shut up and play the clip, or move on to another topic, please let us know.  Just drop us an email or facebook post.  We'll get the hint.  Other than that, just enjoy the show.

Song: Willie Nelson/Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

Movie: Hell's Angels (1930)

Book: Unbroken

Destination and Website: Sky Combat Ace

Comedy: Louis CK/Contemporary Perceptions about Aviation and Pilots in the USA

Interview: Dave Whitelaw-Recreational Aviation Foundation

Direct download: H49Ep88.mp3
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Runway Roulette

It's no secret.  Tony and Al like Las Vegas.  Tony spends a lot of time there.  He seems to have a knack for removing the wealth of those high roller poker players when they're not paying attention.  Al, on the other hand, is happy just scouring the casino floor picking up the few spare chips that Tony drops as he scoops his winnings off the table.  Jim, of course, is minding the store, hoping the Tony and Al don't blow the entire Hangar 49 promotion budget.  Las Vegas is home to roulette and you never know which number is going to be the winner.  Al played a little runway roulette on his last flight around Seattle.  Speaking of gambling:  Listen and find out which runway was the final winner.  Plus, Tony Curtis gambles on three flight attendents in our featured movie.  Oh, one last thing:  Don't pay any attention to the lyrics. Enjoy the show.

Movie:  Boeing, Boeing (1966)

Song:  Head East - Fly By Night Lady

Website:  www.PilotSafety.Org

Destination:  Las Vegas - Red Bull Air Race

Sound:  Kristen Key - Jokes about airplanes

Interview: Gary Reeves-Pilot Safety.org

Book: Naked in Da Nang: A Forward Air Controller in Vietnam by Mike Jackson

Thanks for listening.

Direct download: H49Ep87.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:59am PST

Down To Our Last Dollar

OK, we know flying can get a little expensive.  But, we have so much fun defying gravity that we'll spend our last dollar just to get another hour in the air.  So, tune in and give a listen to this episode with another outstanding lineup.  Starring:  Rod Machado, Al, Bob Hoover, Jim, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Tony, and Mark Hamill.  Plus, our special musical guest, Tim McGraw.

Song:  Tim McGraw-Last Dollar (Fly Away)

Movie: Flying the Feathered Edge-The Bob Hoover Project

Website:  Professional Pilots Rumour Network

Book:  Flight/The Complete History by R. G. Grant

Bonus Movie:  Star Wars-The Force Awakens

Interview: Rod Machado

Sound/Aviation Humor:  Rod Machado

Direct download: H49Ep86.mp3
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We Can Fly!

The Hangar 49 team always strives to be on the leading edge of the aviation world wing.  We drop our landing gear onto every runway that's wide enough for our egos.  We turn a simple tune, with a simple tune, and simple lyrics into an aviation signature song.  We transform the aviator masses into antique film experts.  We turn the pages on books that enlighten generations of flyers into new demensions of wonder.  Speaking of wonder...we also wonder who writes these little blurbs before each episode.

Oh well, tune in and listen to this episode, starring (in no particular order) Jimmy Stewart, Al, John Wayne, Mark Baker, Jim, Beyrl Markham, Will Allen, Tony, with special guest stars-the entire Cowsill family.

Music Video:  Will Allen-Air Show Man

Movie: Island In The Sky (1953)

Music:  The Cowsills-We Can Fly

Book: West with the Night by Beyrl Markham

Website:  First Solar Flight Around the World

Sound:  Actor Jimmie Stewart talks about his early flying days

Destination:  Desert Aire, Washington

Interview:  Mark Baker, President, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn.

Direct download: H49Ep85.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:14am PST

Fifth Anniversary Extravaganza

Wow!  Five whole years.  What a great ride.  Yep, this is the fifth anniversary extravagaza episode.  Turn up the volume, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.  Oh, and lthough it may sound like it sometimes, this is not the Twilight Zone.

Song: Airplane - The Beach Boys

Movie: Iron Eagle

Book: Lost Horizon

Bonus Movies: Lost Horizon from 1973 and 1937

Bonus Movie #3:  Davey Crocket-King of the Wild Frontier

TV Show Bonus:  Twilight Zone

Sound:  Natasha Rockwell-flight Attendant

Flintstones:  Happy Anniversary

Beatles:  Birthday

Direct download: H49Ep84.mp3
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Hey!  Stop!  What's that sound?

Yes!  That sound is us!  We are back with our very first episode of 2015.  Oh sure, we know, we've been out having too much fun and haven't had much spare time for our show.  Tony and Al went to Nevada and Jim got a new puppy.  But hey, just give this show a listen.  It is worth the wait.

Movie:  Air America

Interview:  Paul Glavin, Skycraft

Song:  Disney Fly Medley

Book:  Cavalry of the Air by Norman Leach

Sound: Confused Student Pilot Flying Solo (ATC)

Website:  Only Flying Machines

Destination:  Laughlin, NV & Bullhead City, AZ Airport

Bonus Song & Video:  We Remember, Dwayne O'Brien

Direct download: H49Ep83.mp3
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Another Fly By Night Episode!

After what seems like an eternity, we are finally back with another episode.  Many of our listeners have described us as just another "fly by night" aviation podcast.  We're OK with that.  In fact, we're just as sassy as ever.  Give us a listen...and you decide.

Movie:  Planes - Fire and Rescue

Music:  Rush - Fly by Night

Website:  Rants of a Sassy Stew

Book: The Thinking Pilot's Flight Manual: Or, How to Survive Flying Little Airplanes and Have a Ball Doing It - by Rick Durden

Sound and/or Comedy Moment:  Air Afrikaans

Interview & FaceBook Group:  Brice Van Baren - Flights Above The Pacific Northwest

Movie:  Planes - Fire and Rescue

Direct download: H49Ep82.mp3
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Does your airport have an official song?

We wrap up our three-day program blitz at the Arlington Fly-In with this episode. We found an airport with an official song!  OK...it's a really old song.  And the airport has been around for awhile, too.  We have the usual book, movie, and song, plus some special guests.  It's all packaged with the usual tacky banter from the three hosts.  Enjoy.

Movie:  Firefox-Clint Eastwood
Song:  Susan Raye-LA International Airport
Book:  Airframe by Michael Chrichton
Website:  Global Aircraft
Special Guest: Warplanes to Siberia
Episode Sponsor: Spencer Aircraft

Direct download: H49Ep81.mp3
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Fact check?  Really?  Awe...c'mon.

Fact check?  Awe...c'mon....Hangar 49 is kind of like cable TV news channels or internet "news" sites.  We just fly these things.  We don't understand them.  Just kidding.  Really.  Trust us.  (Of course, you would be wise to use official flying sources and your favorite CFI for accurate advice.

This is the second of three shows we recorded at the Arlington Fly-In during July.  Enjoy!

Movie:  High Road to China-Tom Selleck
Song:  Brad Paisley-If Love Was A Plane
Book:  To Conquer the Air by James Tobin
Website:  Target Aviation Photography

Direct download: H49Ep80.mp3
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Back On The Fly-In Flight Line

The three amigos are back with another episode recorded on the flight line at the Arlington Fly-In.  We have some cool guests, music, books, movies, and the usual banter.

Movie:  A Guy Named Joe
Song:  Destroyer-It’s Gonna Take An Airplane
Book: Wild Blue-Men & Boys who flew B-24’s over Germany by Stephen Ambrose

Hangar 49 Arlington Crew

Jim Leighty-Head host, Hangar 49 Founder, and unable to keep time, (Um...Jim Late-eeeee).

Al Gilson-Host, Production Staff Supervisor, excellent pilot, all around nice guy, and writes these descriptions.

Tony Roberts-Host and International Culture Flavour, Music Critic, 60's Rock and Roll Icon, Book Expert, (and Library Card Holder).

Phillip Randolph-Guest Host, Interview Producer, and cool airplane ride scammer.

Mark Peterson-Arlington Fly-In Public Address Announcer (for the last 30 years...Yep...stuck in a rut).

Dave Carey-Meteorologist...who is wondering why he keeps trying to inject a high level of scientific knowledge into this group of lunatics.

Dale Comer-Electronic Gizmo Expert (but a bit under the weather and couldn't be with us.....We really missed his skills.  Al cannot adjust audio levels correctly).

Casey Stewart-Crew Gofer (you know...go for this, go for that).  Also not here.  Last seen wandering around Las Vegas.....for two years!

Erik Utter-Arlington Fly-In Radio Executive Producer, wildly successful TV engineering guru, and wondering why he is hanging around with this riff-raff.

Direct download: H49Ep79.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:16pm PST

Sorry...You'll have to speak with my attorney.

We're always in trouble.  Whether it's Tony trying to cross the border or Jim posting another tacky photo on Facebook.....or Al....well...'nuff said.  Sometimes we need to get a little legal advice.  In this episode, we bring in our favorite aviation attorny, Jeff Lustick, for some great insight on pilot legal issues.  Plus, we have a movie, book, song, and comedy....where we take a poke at the TSA.  NOW you understand why we brought in our attorney! 

Interview:  Jeff Lustick, Aviation Attorney-Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone

AOPA Legal Services Plan

Movie: It happened At A World's Fair

Book:  Thunder in the Tummy! The Hilarious Flying Adventures of a Private Pilot-By Joel Elman

Song:  Learn to Fly/Shannon Noll

Website:  West Coast Flying Adventures--One Man's Passion for Flying, Photography and Being Outside

Comedy Moment: TSA

By the way, we made light of Tony not being able to join us for this show, but he really did have some pressing family issues that required his absence.  We really missed you Tony!

Direct download: H49Ep78.mp3
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Who Raided the Beverage Cart?

You know how it goes.  The beverage cart goes down the aisle and an unseen hand reaches out and snags a freebie.  Well, not on this show!  We keep the mini-bar locked up.  Oh...Our friends at Monty Python's Flying Circus show you that the gang on those airliner flight decks also know how to have fun, plus Jim suffers an ex-disc jockey flashback.  All that and more on this episode of Hangar 49-The world's most entertaining aviation podcast.

Song: Night Flight To Venus - Boney M

Sound:  Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Comedy Moment: John Cleese

Book:  Flying Through Midnight: A Pilot's Dramatic Story of His Secret Missions Over Laos During the Vietnam War by John T. Halliday

Movie:  LaFayette Escadrille -  1958

Website: 25 Aviation websites

Interview: Lori MacNichol-McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars

Direct download: H49Ep77.mp3
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We're In First Class! (On the wrong flight.)

Welcome to our show.  In this episode Jim talks about critical aviation topics, Al talks about his airplane in the shop, and Tony talks about his dog.  As usual, we have a great movie, great song, and a great book.  Plus, because many listeners don't understand Jim & Al's inside jokes or Tony's British humour, we brought in a professional comedian.

Song: Royal Guardsman-My Airplane

Movie: Fighter Squadron

Interview:  Mark Baker-AOPA President

Book:  Aviation at the Edge-John Flexman

Website:  ShareAviation dot Com - A YouTube network for pilots

Destination:  Aviation Summer Camps

Sound:  Comedy/"First Class, Wrong Flight" By Mark Lowry

Direct download: H49Ep76.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:12am PST

It's our Diamond Jubilee (and 4th Anniversary)

It's our Diamond Jubilee.  Yep...our 75th episode and our 4th anniversary.  Listen for this special Tribute - To us...for hanging in there and keeping Jim's dream alive for 4 years.

Song - Straighten Up and Fly Right - Nat King Cole

Movie - Keep 'Em Flying

Aviation History - The Besler Steam Powered Airplane (1933)

Book - Return to Rhinebeck: Flying Vintage Aeroplanes

Destination - Russian Federation Air Force Museum

Bonus Song - Flintstones/Happy Anniversary

Thanks for listening...and hanging in there with us for the last 75 shows and 4 years.  We hope you enjoy these shows as much as we enjoy creating them.  Here's to the next 75 and 4.

Jim, Al, and Tony.

Direct download: H49Ep75.mp3
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G'day, Mate

We've gone all out for this episode and broadened our horizons....the southern horizon, that is.  Yep, we head south...waaaaay south to down under.  Please welcome our special guest:  Grant McHerron, co-host of the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast live on our show from Melbourne, Australia (that's pronounced "mel-bin").

Interview:  Grant McHerron, co-host-Plane Crazy Down Under
Movie:  Planes-Fire and Rescue
Music:  Pink Floyd-Point Me At The Sky
Bonus Music:  Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe Eugene
Bonus, Bonus Music:  Redgum - I was only 19
Book:  The Cheapskate's Guide to Getting Your Pilot's License
Sound:  Mad TV
Former Destination:  Vista Field/Kennewick, WA
New Destinations: Pilot Getaways Magazine

Picture This Ballooning-Mebourne, Australia

Spitfire Repilca Builders-Supermarine

OK, ok.  It's our longest episode ever.  But hey, it takes a long time for our voices to travel back and forth.

Direct download: H49Ep74.mp3
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Oh...hey...wait.  Remember...this is our Christmas episode!

We were having so much fun, we almost forgot....this is our Christmas epidoe!  Quick, cue the holiday music!

Music:  Abba - Eagle

Bonus Seasonal Music:  Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy’s Christmas

Extra, extra bonus music: Christmas in the Trenches

Movie:  Pearl Harbor (2001)

Book:  Aircraft Wrecks of the Pacific Northwest by David L McCurry  $42.50 Amazon

Website:  Thirty Thousand Feet Aviation directory

Sound:  Discount Airline Parody from MAD TV

Destination: Fun Places to Fly

Thanks for listening.  I think we need a vacation or "holiday" for you British or Canadian....plus Australian....listeners.  See you in 2014.

Merry Christmas from Jim, Tony, Al, the production staff (already in the Caymans for the holidays), the research department (wondering why the production people get all the perks), marketing and sales crew (curious as to why there is so much money flying around when they've never sold anything), and all our investors and stockholders (now consulting their attorneys to find a loophole to sue the production staff to at least get to look at the Gulfstream through the hangar window).  Ho, ho, ho.

Direct download: H49E73.mp3
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Please let us reintroduce ourselves to ourselves

Hi again.  It's been so long since the 3 of us have been in the studio together, please allow us to reintroduce ourselves to ourselves.  There....now that we're all back together....on with the show!

Movie:  Forever Young  (1992)

Music:  Mike Oldfield-Five Miles Out
Sounds: Three ATC Funnies

Book:   The FAA Aeronautical Chart Users Guide  (it's free!)
Destination:  Campbell River, BC

Website and Destination 2 -  Sky Africa 

Interview:  Kelvin Scribner/SageTech Corp.

Direct download: H49Ep72.mp3
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A flying "moment"

Welcome to Hangar 49.  All pilots have had a "moment" when they were flying.  (Don't lie, you know you have.)  Tony and Al talk about a couple of moments.  Jim chimes in with his thoughts on movies and music.  And we go to the movies with Clark Gable and the heartthrob of Tony's youth....Myrna Loy.  Fasten your seat belts and turn off your electronic devices prior to take off....wait...no...you can't do that and listen to our show at the same time.  OK...hide you iPod where the flight attendent or your seat mate won't see it.

Movie:  Test Pilot from 1938

Music:  Leo Sayer-Endless Flight    

Book:  Hidden Warbirds: The Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding WWII's Lost Aircraft by Nicholas A. Veronico

Website:  Watches to buy

Destination: Planes of Fame Air Museum

Interview:  Kelvin Scribner from Sagetech talks about ADS-B

Direct download: H49Ep71.mp3
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A Magic Episode

Wheeeee!  It's a magic episode.  We use the magic of electricity, audio engineering software,  and the magic talent of our three hosts and the production staff to clutter up the internet with another episode of Hangar 49.  We even made an "executive decision" to get all three of us gether for the show.  Enjoy!

Book:  Non-Stop:  A Turbulent History of Northwest Airlines by Jack El-Hai

Movie:  Executive Decision (1996)  (OK...It's a little far-fetched but, hey...Kurt Russell is really a pilot and really flies a real airplane at the start of this movie.  And, there's a northwest connection.  He played minor league baseball here in the Pacific Northwest.  Bend, OR Rainbows, Walla Walla Islanders, and the Portland Mavericks.)

Music:  Steppenwolf-Magic Carpet Ride

Website: Target Aviation Photography

Destination: Flyover Canada Theatre

We hope you like the magic.  See you next time.

Direct download: H49Ep70.mp3
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This Hangar 49 Podcast episode is rated PG

We apologize in adavance.  The three of us haven't been in the studio together for several months.  Things just got out of hand.  It would be advisable to send the kids to bed early and cover grandmas ears before you hit the "play" button.

Movie:  Six Days, Seven Nights (1998) - How can you go wrong with Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, and a DeHavilland Beaver?
Music:  Elton John - Rocket Man
Book:  Flying! The Curious Kids Book About Airplanes, Aviation, and Space Travel by Brian Sloan

Sound:  Pilot Saved By Quick Thinking Air Traffic Controller

Destination:  Imperial War Museum Duxford

Website:  88NV-Black Rock City

Interview:  Elliot Sanders/VNY Prop Association

Thanks for listening, and again, sorry.  We'll tone it down next time.  Really.  We promise.

Direct download: H49Ep69.mp3
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It's magic-Jim is here!

Note from Management:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It takes a while to get these shows produced.  We recorded this program on July 13th and here it is, the middle of August.  The production staff has vacation time built up and they were not coming back to work.  Nope.  Ain't gonna happen.  So, sorry for the delay.  Now, on with the show.

=  =  =  =  =  =

So..here we are...Al and Tony living the great life at the Arlington, Washington Fly-in.  We are having the time of our lives.  There are airplanes and pilots everywhere.  Too bad Jim couldn't be here.  Wait...hold the phone....huh?  What?  He's here?  Wow!  It's about time!  Through the magic of Skype, the Internet, and very specifically-directed electrons, Jim was able to join us for this show.

We have encore appearances with a movie, a song, plus a new book to read.

And...special guests, including a brand-new certificated private pilot.  We'll listen to her story and more.

Thanks for listening.

Direct download: H49Ep68.mp3
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Fun and frolic on the flightline

It's fun and frolic on the flightline and another NoeGymShow.  Yep, Tony and Al are at the Arlington, Washington 2013 Fly-In.  It's a Friday, July 12, 2013 and Jim made some lame excuse like, "um...I had to work."  Ha!  We don't believe him at all.  Anyway, enjoy the show as the aircraft taxi by our studio.  Oh...and we talk about flying.

Direct download: H49Ep67.mp3
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We are watching the airplanes go by

Yep.  It's another fabulous year where we are broadcasting our podcast over the airwaves and internet from the flight line at the Arlington, WA (KAWO) Fly-In.  It's the third largest fly-in every year and we just sit a few feet from the airplanes as they taxi by to parking.  Join Al, Tony, and no Jim in this episode, originally broadcast on July 11, 2013.

Direct download: H49Ep66.mp3
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A Cyber-Space Oddity

This is really an odd episode.  A cyber-space oddity.  Tony was under the weather and couldn't reach his computer mouse.  So we talked about him since he wasn't on the show to defend himself.  Then, Al went on vacation and Jim was left in charge of the production staff.  That didn't go well.  They ran roughshod over Jim and duct-taped him to a chair in the production dungeon.  When last seen, the production staff had escaped, swiped the keys to the Gulfstream, and winged back to the Caymans.  Al got back from vacation, found Jim, and saw all the clutter of the latest episode scatted around the studio.  An outside production company was hired to make some sense of all this, and the show is now ready.  The moral of the story:  Duct-tape Tony's mouse to his hand, duct-tape the production staff to their chairs, and never, ever leave Jim in charge of the wacky staff in the basement or he will get duct-taped!

Enjoy the show!

Song - Space Oddity - Chris Hadfield   

Book - Ice Pilots      

Website - Arlington Fly-In

Movie – Spirit of St. Louis

Interview – Pilot’s ‘n Paws

Direct download: H49Ep65.mp3
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We'll have two movies for first class on this flight

Remember the good old days when you went on a loong airline flight, they showed two movies in first class.  Or even to the theater on a Saturday morning and got to see "two" movies for one price?  Well, probably only Tony (maybe Al) remember those days (Jim is just a puppy).  In the spirit of the good old days, we have two movies!  Plus our usual song, sound, and site.  We also have an interview with aviation pioneer, Norah O'Neill, plus a book, and a sound you won't hear this summer.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Movie: Bat 21
Bonus Movie: Movie:  Planes
Song:  John Hiatt-Child of the Wild Blue Yonder
Book:  I Was Hitler's Pilot: The Memoirs of Hans Baur
Sound:  The Blue Angels
Destination:  Prosser, Wa (Jim and Al go winery-hopping)
Interview:  Norah O'Neill, the Flying Tigress

Direct download: H49E64.mp3
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Say hello to our listeners, Mickey!

In this episode, Al and Jim lament over the silliness of control tower closings due to the "sequester," Tony finds his transponder, we turn the world upside down with Bob Hoover, plus Craig Fuller and Mickey Mouse drop by for a visit.

Movie:  Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
Book:  Forever Flying by Bob Hoover
Song:  Blown by the Wind - Alan Parsons (Listener Mike Whaley suggestion)
Destination:  Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, WA (KVUO)

Direct download: Podcast63.mp3
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Put your tray table up and fasten your seat belt

Wow!  We're three years old!  (And I thought we were only two.  How time flies when you're having fun.) Yep, in February 2010 we began the historic journey of Hangar 49, now heard around the world in dozens of countries by millions...er...thousands of listeners.  So, put your seat tray up, turn off all electronic devices (except the one you're using) and fasten your seat belt.

Song: Steve Hackett - Tiger Moth
Movie: Up
Bonus Song:  The Beatles – Happy Birthday 
Interview:  Pilots n Paws
Book: Flying Tigress by Norah O’Neill
Website (and cool flying application for your iPhone or iPad): Cloudahoy

Direct download: H49Podcast62.mp3
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Elvis....er....Jim has left the building!

So...we are all gathered in the Hangar 49 studio for the recording of this show.  The recording is going well.  Then, we get ready to introduce the interview and...poof....Jim disappears.  He's gone.  Just like Elvis.  He's probably driving a cab in Vegas and moonlighting as an Elvis impersonator.  Anyway...Tony and I handle the rest of the show with a great interview with Bruce Williams, a classic movie, a hidden gem of a song, and a good book to relax by the fire on a chilly winter evening.  It's all here in this episode of Hangar 49.  Enjoy!

Book:  Bound for the Backcountry-A History of Idaho's Remote Airstrips by Richard Holm
Song:  The Flying Song - Colin Hay
Movie:  Men With Wings  Part One and Part Two
Interview:  Bruce Williams-Stall/Spin/Upset Training at BruceAir
Destination:  Washington Aviation Association Trade Show

Oh...and if you're in Vegas and you see a familiar face with huge glasses, a karate gi, and bushy sideburns...tell Jim hello for us.

Direct download: Podcast61.mp3
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We are back from vacation (or "Holiday" as Tony, all Canadians, and proper British society would say) with another "really big shew."  Tony suggested "Volare" by Dean Martin as our song for this show.  "Volare" in Italian is "fly."  Of course.  Why not.  Plus, our residnet music expert Tony also suggested we listen to David Bopwies version.  We have them both.

Plus, we have a special guest star.  Bruce Williams is the expert on Microsoft Flight Simulator and we learn how to use the program as a training aid (and why not...Bruce wrote the book!).

Tony also has his personal story about the story behind our movie.

All that and more on this episode of Hangar 49!

Song:  Volare - Dean Martin
Bonus Song:  Volare - David Bowie
Movie:  Dam Busters
Book- Microsoft® Flight Simulator as a Training Aid by Bruce Williams  
Bonus Book:  Scenario-Based Training with X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator: Using PC-Based Flight Simulations Based on FAA-Industry Training Standards  by Bruce Williams
Website- Bruce Air

Direct download: Podcast60.mp3
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OK....We're doing a Special Christmas show!

Join us as those three wacky pilots get serious (sort of) and gather around the tree for some holiday flying banter.  This episode is
filled with holiday cheer, great movies, music, and even some poetry (hey....we got culture) as we call a "wrap" to 2012.

Christmas Story: The Shepherd by Alan Maitland of the CBC
Christmas Song: Snoopy's Christmas by The Royal Guardsman
Bonus Christmas Song:  Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon
Christmas Movie:  The Flight Before Christmas
Christmas Book: 11 Days in December-Christmas at the Bulge 1944 by Stanley Weintraub
Christmas Gift:  2013 Calendar

We'll see you all in 2013.  Look for our next episode in mid-January (Yep.  We're giving the production staff more time off.)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Jim, Al & Tony

Direct download: Podcast59.mp3
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Let's all join the RAF!

We made a theme show this time.  It's all about the RAF.  Yep, the movie, song, book, and sound are all about the Royal Air Force.  Plus, we take another nostalgic trip with Al back to Palm Springs for another interview at the AOPA Summit.

Movie: Dark Blue World
Book:  RAF Fighter Command Pilot The Western Front  1939 - 1942
Song: Horrible Histories RAF Song
Aircraft Sound: Spitfire v Messerschmitt
Interview topic: The Aviators

Don't forget to join us at the Arlington Fly-In in July 2013.  We'll be there!

Thanks for stopping by.

Jim, Al & Tony.

Direct download: Podcast58a.mp3
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This is a family show....really.

It's another episode of Hanagar 49.  Join us as Jim and Tony try to educate Al on music newer than 1979, we preview a new movie, Tony has a great book, plus, Al interviews a couple of great Flying Wild Alaska pilots.  Oh...Jim says a bad word and Mickey stops by.

Book:  West With The Night by Beryl Markham

Movie: Flight

Song:  The Aeroplane Flies High - The Smashing Pumpkins

Aircraft Sound - and super cool video: Dehavilland  Mosquito

Thanks for listening and tell your friends.

Direct download: H49Episode57.mp3
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Sitting Under The Palm Trees

After some tough duty, on assignment for Hangar 49 in Palm Springs, Al returns with a great Pirep and a cool interview with probably the most famous couple in general aviation.  Plus...Jim tries to sing.  All this and more in the latest episode of Hangar 49.

Destination:  Palm Springs, California
Destination Attraction:  Palm Springs Air Museum
Interview:  John and Martha King/King Schools
Movie: Final Countdown
Website:  Spitfirebooks.com
Book:  The Hawker Hurricane - Francis D Mason  (see above site)
Song:  The Immelman Turn - Al Stewart
Sound:  Hawker Hurricane

Plus:  It's breast cancer awareness month
And a blog by Jim's friend Erin, a cancer patient

Direct download: Podcast58.mp3
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Back In The Saddle Again

We are back in the saddle again.  After several months of R&R, the Hangar 49 crew is back on the internet.  Did you miss us?  Follow those wacky pilots as they battle technical difficulties to bring you the very latest in aero-babble.

Sound:  Avro Lancaster

Song:  Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles (1969 Woodstock version)

Movie:  FLYING THE SECRET SKY: The Story of the RAF Ferry Command

Book:  Flying on Instinct: Canada's Bush Pilot Pioneers (Amazing Stories) by L.D. Cross

Bonus Song:  Back in the Saddle Again - Gene Autry

Our special tribute to a flying legend:  Charlie Stoudt Adventures

Direct download: Hangar49E56.mp3
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Our Third "Un-Live" Show From Arlington

Welcome to our third episode that recorded live at the Arlington Fly-In.  OK, we know that was July, but it's the summer rerun season on TV, why not on your favorite podcast.  Yes, we were actually sitting next to an active taxiway while we recorded this show.  If this were television, you would see the drool marks on Jim's shirt every time an airplane went by.


Movie: Red Tails

Song:  Mary Chapin Carpenter-Why Walk When You Can Fly.

Books: Military Low Level Flying Aircraft and the Pilots Who Fly Them by Michael Leek
           101 Things to Do With Your Private Pilot License by LeRoy Cook

Direct download: H49Ep55b.mp3
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Yikes!  We're on the Flight Line!  Watch out for the B-17!

Yep!  Here we are again.  Your three wayward pilots are broadcasting live (and recorded for your enjoyment) sitting just inches away from the Arlington Fly-In Flight line.  Listen in amazement as throaty-engined World War II radial engines spray propwash and mess up their finely-combed hairstyles.  We recorded this episode on July 13, 2012.  OK, we're a little late in posting this.  Hey...the production staff was on another vacation.

Song:  Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away

Book:  For God, Country, and the Thrill of It: Women Airforce Service Pilots in World War II by Anne Noggle

Movie:  Always (1989)

Thanks for listening.  Tells your friends.

Direct download: H49Episode55.mp3
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Jim Late-T?

This is the first day of the Arlington Air show, 2012 and we recorded our program from a live worldwide broadcast. Jim was a little late arriving to the show and Al and Tony were not going to let that slide.

We talk about airplanes on the flight line, electric airplanes, avionics for airplanes, movies about airplanes, and a song that people hum when then learn to fly airplanes.

Movie:  Memphis Belle
Book:  Vintage Aircraft Nose Art by Gary Valant
Song:  Gonna Fly Now

Join Jim, Tony, Al and Special guest interviewer Philip Randolph on the flight line in the first of three "live" episodes.

Direct download: Hangar49Arlington7-12-12.mp3
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Hail, Hail, Rock & Roll

In this episode we explore Tony's past as a key player in the British music scene of the 1960's.  Oh...and we talk a little bit about aviation.

Here are the links we talked about in the show:

Song: Jigsaw - Sky High (1975)

Bonus Song:  The Beatles - Flying

Movie:  Wing and a Prayer (1944)
Book: Stick and Rudder by Wolfgang Langewiesche

Concrete, WA Fly-In

Manchester Beat  (Yes...Tony was really there!)

See you next time!  Jim, Tony, and Al

Direct download: Hangar49Ep51.mp3
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We can Kick and Strut because we're 50!

Number 50!

Well we finally hit 50 episodes! Now onto the next 50.

Join us in this episode as check out awared winning video "A day in the Life of a Fighter Pilot" Great video!

Movie:  A Day in the Life of a Fighter-Raytheon 2012 Award Winner

Book:  Flying Carpet-Greg brown

Sound:  Flying RC Jet

Song:The Spitfire-The War room PSB

Destination:  Princeton BC

Direct download: Hangar49Ep50.mp3
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What!!!!  No clever title for this episode?

Nope!  The three busy pilot/hosts couldn't concentrate on a theme for this programme, so there isn't a clever, double-meaning title.  We could have called it "Call in for pizza" but we didn't agree on a flavor.  It could have been "the episode we didn't record because we weren't there," but Tony didn't like the movie either.  Maybe "Fly Away," but that would just highlight the song.

What we should have done was make a really big deal out of the fact that this is the 49th episode of Hangar 49, but we were so busy blabbing, we forgot.  So....just listen and enjoy.  The links to the stuff we talked about are below.

Song:  Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz  (Theme from Ice Pilots NWT)

Book:  99 Ways to Make a Flight Attendant Fly--Off the Handle!: A Guide for the Novice or Oblivious Air Traveler by Joann Deveny

Movie:  Capricorn One

Sound:  B-36 takeoff

By the way, everything we say about the production staff is just made up.  Really, they are the hardest working, most talented, and just fun to be around people you would ever want to meet.  In fact, they have reaped rewards beyond belief from their talents that they work from a villa in the south of France and just step inside on a break from tanning to do this show.

Direct download: H49Episode49.mp3
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Those Fantastic Flying Fools

Welcome to our 48th episode.  This time we discuss the Great Northwest Air Race and the entry of our very own "Rocket" in the event, plus the usual lineup of movies, music, and mumblings.  Enjoy.

Movie: Rocket to the Moon

Song:  Rocket to the Moon-Moon Mullican (1953)

Sound:  Winston Churchill

Website:  Canadian Aviator Magazine

Book:  No Empty Chairs: The Short and Heroic Lives of the Young Aviators Who Fought and Died in the First World War by
Ian Mackersey

News Item:  Priest Lake/Cavanaugh Bay (66S) Snow Landing

Destination:  Amelia's Landing Hotel, Port Aransas, TX

Direct download: Hangar49PodcastEpisode48.mp3
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When The Aliens Land....We Know Where They'll Be

In this episode, Tony reveals the secret alien landing zone so we can all be there when they land.  Then, come with us down memory lane when we review the entire series of "Airport" movies.  These are the films that started it all.

Song: Rose Garden-Next Plane to London

Movie: Airport

Sound: Nothing like a Merlin

Book - A Hundred Feet Over Hell: Flying With the Men of the 220th Recon Airplane Company Over I Corps and the DMZ, Vietnam 1968-1969 by Jim Hooper

Destination: White Rock/Hazelmore Field Intergalactic Airport

Fun Toy: Icon Aircraft

Cool website: www.skymasterjet.com

Direct download: Hangar49Episode47.mp3
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Happy Birthday to Us

This is a very special episode of Hangar 49.  Yep...it's our 2nd birthday.  Jim, Al, and Tony have been entertaining pilots since February 2010.  Join us as we celebrate.  We even saved a piece of birthday cake for you.

Movie:  Top Gun (I can’t believe we’ve missed this one)
Song:  Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone (Ditto)
Bonus Song:  The Beatles – Happy Birthday 
Book:  Topgun Days: Dogfighting, Cheating Death, and Hollywood Glory as One of America's Best Fighter Jocks  by  Dave "Bio" Baranek 
Destination:  Miramar Air Show, Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, Oct 12-14, 2012  
Web Site:  Miramar Air Show (Of course!!)
Sound:  Three Flight F-14 Carrier Launch 

Enjoy the show (and your cake...go ahead...you can eat it!)

Direct download: Hangar49Podcast46.mp3
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Jim decided to show up for work

After an unexcused absence, Jim decides to show up for the show....only to leave early for "another engagement."  Stay with us while Tony and Al once again carry their own weight., plus Jimmy's, to keep this programme on the air..er...internet.  Why do we keep paying this guy?

Song:  Wooden Planes - Art Garfunkel

Destination: Pacific Northwest Aviation Conference

Movie:  The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954)

Book:  The Rogue Aviator: In the Back Alleys of Aviation, 2nd Edition by Ace Abbott

Website:  Incredible Adventures

Sound:  Curtis Jenny

The next episode will be our second anniversary spectacular.  Hopefully, we will remember to celebrate.  (Or..even remember that it's our second anniversary.  We are getting older.)

Direct download: Podcast45.mp3
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Hey Jim!  Can Tony and I have the keys to the Gulfstream?

Jim was too busy hob-nobbing with corporate executives to join us on this episode...Big Mistake.  Listen to Tony and Al run Jimmy through the wringer.  Will he ever come back?

Movie: Red Tails

Song: Ozzie Osborne-Flying High Again

Book:  Tales of An Old Bold Pilot Who Lived To Tell His Story Of Flying The North by Jack McCallum

Destination:  Northwest Aviation Conference

Website:  The Airplanes of James Bond

Sound:  Several to choose from.  Just listen to the show.

Watch for our fabulous Second Anniversary show.  Coming soon!

Direct download: H49Podcast44.mp3
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Is the Malt Shoppe open?

This time we hop into the WayBack machine to the carefree 1940's with music, movies, and malt shoppes....until that day....

Movie:  Tora, Tora, Tora
Sound:  Japanese Zero
Song:  Remember Pearl Harbor - Dick Robertson and His Orchestra
Book:  The Attack of Pearl Harbor:  Strategy, Combat, Myths, and Deceptions - Alan Zimm
Destination:  Hawaii
Website:  A Pilot's Guide to Flying in Hawaii

Direct download: Podcast43.mp3
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