We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

It's finally here! A quick and easy way to learn how to fly in one easy lesson...just listen to this show.  Oh, and before we forget: Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate and happy new year.

(Oh...by the way this is show #142, but it's our 143rd episode.  Last months show was #143 but it was our 142nd episode.  Hopefully, you're just as confused as we are.)

Movie:  Air Force (1943)

Interview:  Gracie Johnson/TallyHo! Apps

Book:  Buffalo Air by Darrel Knight

Website:  Hawker Typhoon 

Song:  Alan Parsons Project - Blue Blue Sky #1

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Carolinas Aviation Museum/Charlotte NC

Comedy/Sound:  Fry and Laurie-How to Fly A Light Aeroplane In One Easy lesson


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Aviation Podcasting is a competitive business! So, the entire staff and management of Hangar 49 is pleased to announce that we are listed as number 13 in the Top 45 Aviation Podcasts list.  Wow, after over 10 years of grueling efforts, we are finally recognized.  Oh, we won’t let it go to our heads.  Our November show proves it.  Please listen to our usual lineup of breaking news, classic films, great music, tantalizing books, outrageous comedy, all punctuated by our amazing commentary.

Movie:  Fail Safe (1964)

Interview:  Carinex Gautreau/Helidosa

Book:  Tiger in the Sea by Eric Linder

Website:  Eat at the Airport-From the Airplane Geeks Podcast people

Song:  Too Late For Goodbye - Julian Lennon

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Atlantic Air Adventures

Comedy/Sound:  British Airways Safety Video Audition

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In this episode, Tony and Al give you all the inside tips on how to enjoy Las Vegas.  Al recently returned from the National Business Aviation show in Sin City with interviews and tips on staying in Vegas on a budget and getting started on your first million.  Oh….we talk about some aviation stuff as well.

Movie:  Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

Interview:  John Thivierge/Aircraft Performance Group (Seattle Avionics)

Book:  Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Website: Aero News Net

Song:  Ozzy!  Flying High Again

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Queensland Aviation Museum

Comedy/Sound:  Billy Connolly - Flight to Australia

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We know that you can hardly wait until our next show.  Us too.  Well, here it is.  Mission Control is please to announce...It’s finally ZERO HOUR at Hangar 49!

Movie:  Zero Hour (1957)

Interview:  Juliet Siddons-Challenge Air

Book:  Go Flight-The Unsung Heros of Mission Control by Rick Houston

Website:  Real-Time Space Tracking—N2YO.com

Song: Daddy, Teach Me to Fly/Ken Dravis

Destination/Places to Fly To:  USS Midway Museum/San Diego

Comedy/Sound: Flight Attendants/Saturday Night Live

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We’ve seen the stories about nutty airline passengers going berserk when asked by the flight attendants to please put on their masks during the flight.  So, here’s the deal…please support your flight attendants and flight deck crews.

Movie:  The Flight Attendant 

Book:  I am a Flight Attendant by Jessica De Serre Boissonneauilt

Interview:  Scariest Tomcat Flight/Cmdr Matt Plaiser USN (Ret.)

Website: AirBus Zero Emission Electric Flight

Song:  Moody Blues/Fly Me High

Destination/Places to Fly To:   Tofino/Long Beach, BC

Comedy/Sound:  Funny Flying Story -Cale Yarborough 

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We are on fire!  No…not the plane or the studio (yet) but it seems like the entire western USA and Canada are covered in wildfires and high heat.  Tony and Al are also blanketed in wildfire smoke.  We huddled inside the studio to get a break and record this show.  It’s our July show and we’re a bit late in the month.  Luckily we still have time to release this on July 32nd.

Movie:  Boeing, Boeing

Interview:  Nancy Bradshaw

Book:  Flying on Instinct-Canada’s Bush Pilot Pioneers

Websites:  Wildfire Location information in the United States and Canada

Song:  Jason Aldean/Fly Over States

Destination/Places to Fly To:   Pima Air & Space Museum

Comedy/Sound:  Jimmy Stewart-Flying from Celery Field (now know as LAX)

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There’s been a heat wave in the US and Canada where we produce Hangar 49.  It’s kinda like flying too close to the sun.  Hopefully, the wax in our wings won’t melt.  We have news, a movie, classic, song, and some comedy.  Flip on some air conditioning or a simple fan and listen to this cool show.


 Movie:  Soul Plane

Interview:  Colonel Douglas Moore

Book:  Flying Too Close to the Sun by George Jehn

Song:  Boeing Boeing 707/Roger Miller  

Destination/Places to Fly to:  Wright Museum

Comedy/Sound:  George Carlin on Airport Announcements (Some obscene language)  

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We know these shows are great...but can be a bit long! If you listen to us during your flight, please make sure to keep an eye on the fuel gauges.  We cannot be responsible for pilots who run out of gas (or Jet A) while listening.

Movie: The Sound Barrier

Interview:  Richard Branson

Book:  Kittyhawk Down by Jonathan Nicholas

Website: Windy.com

Song: Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke& Lil Jon/Turbulence

Destination/Places to Fly To: North Atlantic Aviation Museum

Comedy/Sound:  Michael McIntyre

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We know that sometimes it’s hard to stay awake during those long flights.  Hey, sometimes it’s hard to stay awake during a long episode of Hangar 49…especially for al and Tony.  So, here’s a reminder:  “No Sleeping During This Show!”  You might miss something good.

Movie – Up In The Air

Interview - Christian Bailey

Book – l’ll take the 18 by Scott Glute 

Website -Airport Spotting

Song - Zayn - Flight of the Stars

Destination – TWA Hotel at JFK

Comedy - Dave Allen

Extra Stuff- Robb Report


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Whew! We got our March show uploaded without a minute to spare. Someday, we'll be able to get these shows done quicker by speeding up our commute with an electric air taxi.  We just need to find a charging station.  Learn how in our featured interview.  Plus, news, music, movies, and comedy in this jam-packed show.  As always, we have a few technical issues.  This time it's a bad auto-level on Al's voice.  It's OK.  He never has much to say anyway.....

Interview:  Joshua Portman/Electric Aeroplanes will be here sooner than you think-TEDx Perth

Book:  Flying Angels by Danielle Steel  

Website: Opensky network-ADS/B tracking

Song:  Eric Bogle/Flying Away

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Kelowna Aerospace Museum

Comedy/Sound: Barely Air


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We are pleased to announce that all the latest polls show that Hangar 49 is the number one aviation podcast on Mars.  All the cool NASA robots love this show.  Be like NASA robots.

Movie:  Fly Away Home

Interview:  Jimmy Stewart-Army Air Corps pilot

Book:  Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar

Bonus Movie:  The Wind Rises

Website: The Flyer

Song: Turbulence by Bowling for Soup

Destination/Places to Fly To: de Havilland Aircraft Museum, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Comedy/Sound: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant


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Since this show was founded by ex-disc jockeys, we love our listeners.  And since one of our hosts was once a struggling musician, we know that getting a free plug on the radio for your song (or movie) can make a big difference.  So, we take requests.  This month, our song suggestion came from John F. and our movie idea came from Marty D.  Notice that we didn’t use their last names.  There may be a reason for that.  You’ll just have to listen to the show.

Movie:  Horizon Line

Interview:  Country star and pilot Dierks Bentley at NBAA 2020

Book:  A Chick In The Cockpit by Erika Armstrong

Bonus Book:  By the Seat of My Pants by Chris John Rosslee

Website:  General Aviation News

Song:  Arthur Godfrey/Teterboro Tower

Destination/Places to Fly To:  Death Valley Airports

Sound:  David Gunson/Air Traffic Controller (from 2011)

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