We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

We are always reaching for the sky here at Hangar 49.  it doesn't matter if it's a Cessna, a Boeing, or a drone, (or on a cruise ship looking up.  Take a listen as Tony and Al babble about all this stuff.

Movie: Reach for the Sky (1956)

Book:  Stuka Pilot By Hans Ulrich Rudel  

Interview:  WW2 B-17 Pilot John Mscik

Website:   FighterSweep

Song: Grass Roots/Fly Me to Havana

Destination: Smiley Creek, Idaho 

Sound/Comedy: Ajax Airlines/Hudson & Landry


If you have any comments, compliments, or complanits, drop us a note at h49flying@gmail.com

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