We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

Every airplane owner has had a little “hangar rash” but one of our news stories in this month’s show highlights an extreme example.  Plus, we have the usual movie, song, comedy and more for you to enjoy!

Movie: Island In The Sky (1953)

Book:  Flight-The 100 Worlds Greatest Aircraft by Mark Phelps

Interview:  Jamie Smith/Ameriflight

Website: Vatsim-The world’s Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network

Song: The Motors/Airport

Destination/Places to Fly To:  The Bahamas

Comedy/Sound:  Ricky Gervais-What He Hates About flying

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