We talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

We are always reaching for the sky here at Hangar 49.  it doesn't matter if it's a Cessna, a Boeing, or a drone, (or on a cruise ship looking up.  Take a listen as Tony and Al babble about all this stuff.

Movie: Reach for the Sky (1956)

Book:  Stuka Pilot By Hans Ulrich Rudel  

Interview:  WW2 B-17 Pilot John Mscik

Website:   FighterSweep

Song: Grass Roots/Fly Me to Havana

Destination: Smiley Creek, Idaho 

Sound/Comedy: Ajax Airlines/Hudson & Landry


If you have any comments, compliments, or complanits, drop us a note at h49flying@gmail.com

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For over 9 years, Hangar 49 has been the go-to source for aviation news, insight, and entertainment. And…we are the first to admit…if we don’t know the facts, we’ll make some up. Apparently, we were years ahead of things. As Tony always says, “you heard it first here.”. So…sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight…er….show.

Movie: Flight 93

Book: Straight On Till Morning: The Life Of Beryl Markham by Mary S. Lovell

Interview: Andrew Shepherd-Aviation’s Next Great Adventure.

Website/App: FltPlan

Song: Dierks Bentley/Drunk On A Plane

Destination: Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum-Kalamazoo, Michigan

Comedy: Jack Whitehall

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Wow! Has it really been 9 years? This little aviation podcast is growing up fast. From our humble beginnings in February, 2010 we have matured into one of the most respected and listened to aviation podcasts on the planet with listeners from around the world. But, after nearly 120 shows, we remain humble. In fact, we forgot to mention this landmark anniversary until nearly the end of the show. Frankly, we had so many topics to cover, movies and songs to review, plus a book and comedy clip, we were barely able to squeeze it in. So....as always, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight...er ..our show.
Movie:  Left Behind

Book:  Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine Saint Exupery

Interview:  Autonomous Flying Taxis Could Change the Way You Travel/with Rodin Lyasoff

Website: Sleeping In Airports
Song: Second Row/Chris and Dave Hadfield
Destination: An evening with Dave Hadfield in Kelowna, BC on march 21, 2019
Sound/Comedy: Yorkshire Airlines with Hale and Pace

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Crap! We have a bunch of technical issues! Memo to us: Don't say bad things about Microsoft...they must listen to our show.

But hey...we fly little airplanes with technology from the 1940's...we got this. So, sit down and hang on. We're gonna have a show!

Movie: Fortress

Book: The Blue Angels: A Fly-By History: Sixty Years of Aerial Excellence

Interview: Dave Baile, Survival Pucks

Website: Open Airplane

Song: Steve Miller/Jet Airliner

Destination: Stonehenge Airplane Museum

Comedy/sound: Scottish air traffic controllers

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We pride our selves on being a “cutting edge” podcast. On this show we teeter on the edge of getting slammed into the Internet jail. Wanna know what we did? Just take a listen. (Oh…before we get arrested…we celebrate 115 years of powered flight in this-our 114th show.)

The Wright Brothers

The Wrong Brothers

Movie: Flight Command (1940)

Book: Fly Girls by Keith O’Brien

Book: Fly Girls by P. O’Connell Pearson

Song: Iron Maiden-Flight of Icarus

Destination: Tillamook Air Museum

Interview: A Day in the Life of a Regional Airline Pilot

Comedy: George Carlin-On Airlines and Flying (Warning: Strong Language)

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Every once in a while we get a little "spaced out" and forget what we're supposed to do. This time we almost spaced out our movie...about space. Come along as we explore the vast amount of space between our ears and babble about flying, flying books, flying music, flying people and, of course, flying movies.

Movie - First Man

Book - In Full Flight by John Hemingway

Song - Coming into Los Angeles - Arlo Guthrie

Interview - Katie Higgins - Fat Albert Pilot

Comedy - If Cops Talked Like Pilots

Destination - Arlington Balloon and Airplane Festival

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Yep, when we get into a bind at the Hangar 49 studios, we start to babble, and the show starts to crash, we just reach for the handle and pull the chute.  Easy, right?  Maybe.  In this show we talk about a flight where they, "pulled the chute," right in our own backyard.  Plus, another incident that "impacted" one of Al's favorite rental Cessnas.  Climb aboard...it's fate...and we have that movie, too.  Plus, we check our speed at nearly 2,000 nautical miles per hour.

Movie: Fate is the Hunter

Sound/Comedy: Major Brian Shul, USAF (Ret.) SR71 Blackbird Speed check

Book: Sled Driver by Brian Shul
Song: David Usher-Airplane


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Every time we do these shows, it seems like we always come in on a wing and a prayer. Like: We always “wing” it, and our audience has a “prayer” about when will the show finally be over. This show is no exception. Again, we recorded this show live at the Arlington Fly-In during July 2018 with interviews, noisy airplanes, music, books, movies, and unplanned interruptions. Join Tony, and Al with special guest interviewer Phillip Randolph and ace engineer, Erik Utter for a fun-filled hour of entertainment.

Song: Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer/Vera Lynn

Movie: Reach For The Sky

Comedy: When Thrift Flying is Not Recommended, Andrew Rivers

Book: 35 Miles From Shore by Emilio Corsetti

Destination: Abbotsford Air Show

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 OK...sure...it's been awhile since our last show, (about 6 months), but we know our fans are still with us.  You are still here, aren't you?  Hello....is anyone out there?  Hello.....hello....

Well, anyway, we are back with our traditional live broadcast from the flight line at the Arlington Fly-In.  Just a tiny bit north of Seattle in Washington State, USA.

Sit back, relax and listen to Tony and Al, plus Phillip and Erik as they babble through an entertaining hour of aviation news, interviews, and valuable information.

And, of course, the usual stuff:

Song: Nazz/When I Get My Plane

Movie: The Pilot

Comedy: Checking In at the Airport - Sebastian Maniscalco

Book:  81 Lessons From The Sky by Fletcher McKenzie

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Of course, everything on the internet is true.  That means everything we say on this show is true.  We can prove it.  Just listen to this show.  We even have a "To Tell the Truth" segment on this show.

Song - John Fogerty - Flying Away.

Book - Flight of Passage – By Rinker Buck

Sound: To Tell the Truth-Kern Buck (Rinker Bucks brother)
Part One
Part Two

Website (and Museum Destinations): Warbird Alley

Movie - American Made


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